Eagle Scout Ceremony – Eagle Scout Court of Honor
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Eagle Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Eagle scouts.
[Color guard and troop are in position at the rear of room: American flag, troop flag]

SPL: [Step to microphone.] Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the opening ceremonies.

[Wait until the audience is standing and quiet.]

SPL: Color guard, present the colors.
[Color guard enters, _____ and _____ carry flags, ______ (from the back of the room) plays “to the colors”. Troop follows color guard]
[color guard proceeds to flag stand, troop occupies the front rows. Reserve seats for color guard]
[When color guard is in position]

SPL: Please Stand. Scout salute. Everyone please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance
I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
SPL: Color guard, post the colors. [Wait until posted]
SPL: TWO. Color guard retreat.

SPL: Scout Sign. Please join me in reciting the Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
And to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.
SPL: Two. Please be seated.
Good afternoon, my name is _________________. As Senior Patrol Leader for Troop _____, it is my pleasure to call this Eagle Court of Honor to order. I would like to introduce today’s master of ceremonies, __________.

MC: Thank you. As _________ said, my name is ____________ and I have the pleasure of being Master of Ceremonies for this Eagle Court of Honor to recognize the accomplishments of _________________. To earn the highest rank in Scouting, a Scout must spend a great deal of time and effort fulfilling the requirements of rank advancement. ________’s efforts, as well as those of his Scout leaders and his family, culminate today in the presentation of the Eagle Scout Badge. This is an occasion for pride and joy, as well as a time for reflection.
At this point I would like to call upon the Troop Chaplain’s Aide to ask God’s blessing on this ceremony.

Troop Chaplain: Lord, you bring us together this afternoon to honor an Eagle Scout. We acknowledge your guidance in helping boys and adults work together to build strong character, physical fitness, ethical leadership and an appreciation of the outdoors. Lord, continue to watch over these boys as they grow into young men, and give the adults the patience and wisdom to guide them. Amen

MC: Thank you. Scoutmaster ____________, would you please come forward.

SM: Good afternoon Ladies and gentlemen, I am _________________, Scoutmaster of Troop ______. Today I present Eagle Candidate _______________ for Rank of Eagle Scout.

SM: As we begin this Eagle Court of Honor and examine the Trail to Eagle, it is fitting that we began today with a Pledge, and an Oath.
The Scout Oath that we recited is the guiding principle of Scouting.
The Scout Oath sets our internal direction. We declare our duty to God, Country, Others and Self. Also within the Oath are the rules we must follow to provide guidelines to our duties.
The rules of Scouting are found in the twelve points of the Scout Law.
Let us pay careful attention to the words and re-dedicate ourselves to the principles contained in those words.
Scouts, join me in slowly reciting the Scout law.
Scout Attention. Scout Sign.

[slowly] A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

SM: TWO, Thank you, you may take your seats.
(As MC lights the unity candle)
SM: When a boy joins Boy Scouts, there is within him, something that we call Scout Spirit. The boy may not know that it exists, or know its meaning, but by following the trail to Eagle the scout is enlightened. This single candle, lit before you, represents that spirit.
The spirit of Scouting embodies the principles of the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. It becomes a shining beacon of inspiration. Alone, this light may seem feeble, but when multiplied by the millions of youth in Scouting around the world, it is powerful indeed.

The pathway to Eagle can be described as a steep trail leading up to three peaks, the highest being that of Eagle Scout.
[MC lights the first three rank candles.]
The trail starts with the Scout rank and continues through Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks. During this phase the scouts are given instruction and guidance. They are learning important outdoor skills, including camping, cooking, physical fitness, and developing teamwork and leadership skills.
They are also being examined. The adult leaders are watching to see if the flicker of light representing duty, service and law is growing within.
Reaching First Class is an important step in a Scout’s life. He has demonstrated that he has met the requirements at each rank and is showing SCOUT SPIRIT.
Then, the mountain climbing begins. To begin the climb, the scout is first asked, “Are you ready for the next challenge?” Secondly, “Can you and will you teach others what you have learned?”
[MC lights Star and Life candles]
The path going forward is marked with Service, Leadership, Exploration and a stronger presence of Scout Spirit.
The first peak to be reached is the Star Scout. The scout has provided leadership to his troop, he has provided service to fellow scouts and to his community and he is completing merit badges of personal interest as well as required to reach Eagle. At this point the scout is a Star. He has done well. The scouting family expects the light to be shining more brightly.
The second peak is the Life Scout. Again the scout must complete several hours of service to the community. The scout must demonstrate additional leadership within the troop. The scout must complete several merit badges. And finally the scout must have embodied Scout Spirit in his daily life.
The badge for Life Scout contains a heart. This is the only rank position that shows what Boy Scouts is all about and what is inside the scout. This rank badge answers these questions:
Does he understand his duty?
Does he understand the 12 points of the law?
What is in this young man’s heart?
What could be more important than this rank?

The third peak is the Eagle Scout. The scout has demonstrated he is a Star and he has embodied the Scout Spirit in his Life. Now he must be tested on one final climb to see if it is truly part of his character. The requirements are much the same as Star and Life, however the scout must now go into the community, plan, organize, coordinate, and deliver a service project; a demonstration of leadership and character.
And one final time the scout must go before a group of adults who focus on his character, his leadership and his spirit.

Does he reach the peak? Has he proven himself? Can he leap from the top peak and fly like an Eagle?
______, are you an Eagle?

[The Challenge Ceremony]

MC: Sir, I have the honor to present Life Scout ____________ for the award of Eagle Scout.

[Eagle Candidate goes to the front of the room]

MC: Awarding the Eagle Badge of rank is an important and serious matter. It is the goal toward which this Scout has been working for several years. It is the culmination of effort by his parents and Scout Leaders. It is an occasion for pride and for joy, but it is also a time for serious contemplation.

The Eagle rank is the highest and most coveted award in all of Scouting, and it is the last major step in the advancement program. If at this point, Scouting has not achieved its purpose of building character:then it probably never shall. These thoughts, which are the basic code of Scouting, are well summed up in the pledge that is taken by every Scout in the council upon advancement to Eagle rank.

______, I will read the pledge so that you will know that which you are about to promise, and then I will ask you to repeat it after me.

MC: (reads entire pledge)

I ________, On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty to God.
On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty to my country
I reaffirm my allegiance to the three promises of the Scout Oath
I thoughtfully recognize and take upon myself the obligations and responsibilities of the rank of Eagle Scout.
On my honor, I will do my best to make my training an example,
and make my rank and influence strongly count
for better scouting and for better citizenship,
in my troop, in my community, and in my contact with other people,
regardless of race, color, or creed.
To this, I pledge my sacred honor.

MC: Having heard the Eagle pledge, are you willing to adopt it?

Eagle Candidate: I am.

MC: Raise your hand in the Scout sign and repeat after me.

(A Life Scout in the audience stands and interrupts.)

LIFE SCOUT: Stop! I challenge the right of this Scout to be awarded the rank of Eagle.

MC: Who are you and by what right do you challenge?

LIFE SCOUT: I am a Life Scout, and my esteem for the Eagle rank gives me the right to so challenge.

MC: On what grounds do you challenge?

LIFE SCOUT: Has this Scout achieved the requirements in Scoutcraft and Life Interest?

MC: His application was verified, and indicates that he has satisfactorily completed the required 21 merit badges in the various fields of endeavor. Are you satisfied Life Scout?


(A Tenderfoot Scout in the audience stands and interrupts.)

TENDERFOOT: I, too, challenge the right of this Scout to be awarded the rank of Eagle

MC: Who are you and by what right do you challenge?

TENDERFOOT: I am a Tenderfoot Scout, and the respect that I have for the uniform that I wear gives me the right to so challenge.

MC: On what grounds do you challenge?

TENDERFOOT: Does his Scoutmaster certify that this Scout has actively participated in Scouting in his troop. Has he demonstrated leadership, and done his best to help in his home, school, church, and community?

SM: As Scoutmaster of Troop ____, I certify that for more than 6 months since attaining the Life rank, this Scout has held leadership positions in his troop. Also, he has been active in school, church, and community activities.

MC: Are you now satisfied?


(An Eagle Scout in the audience stands and interrupts.)

EAGLE SCOUT #1: I too challenge the right of this Scout to be awarded the rank of Eagle.

MC: Who are you and by what right do you challenge?

EAGLE SCOUT #1: I am an Eagle Scout, and the pride that I have in this badge that I wear over my heart gives me the right to so challenge.

MC: On what grounds do you challenge?

EAGLE SCOUT #1: Has this Scout, nearing the end of the Eagle trail, demonstrated his Scouting Spirit? Has his ability to live and act in accordance with the ideals of Scouting, as exemplified by the Scout Oath, Law, motto, and slogan been noted? The Scout motto is Be Prepared and the Scout slogan is Do a Good Turn Daily.

ADVANCEMENT CHAIR: As Advancement Chair I have reviewed this Scout’s record. I certify that, after investigation, interview, and examination, the Eagle board of Review is of the opinion that this Scout has demonstrated that he has held to the spirit of Scouting in his daily living. The board recommends his advancement to Eagle.

MC: Are you now satisfied?

EAGLE SCOUT #1: I am still not satisfied. I believe that this candidate should understand that the Eagle Rank is a big responsibility, as well as an honor. I respectfully ask that this candidate be informed of the responsibilities of an Eagle Scout before continuing further.

MC: Thank you, Eagle Scout. I agree with your feelings and suggest that none are more qualified to impart this than those who wear the Eagle Badge. I invite you and your fellow Eagle Scouts, Mr. ______, Mr. ______ and Mr. ______ to the platform.

EAGLE SCOUT #1: The first responsibility of an Eagle Scout is to live with honor, which to an Eagle is sacred. Honor is the foundation of character: it is what a person really is, down inside, not what someone may think he is. An Eagle will live so as to reflect credit upon his home, church, school, friends, upon Scouting, and upon himself. May the white of your Eagle badge always remind you to live with honor.

EAGLE SCOUT #2: The second responsibility of an Eagle Scout is loyalty, for without loyalty, character lacks direction. An Eagle is loyal to his ideals. May the blue of your Eagle badge always remind you to be loyal.

EAGLE SCOUT #3: The third responsibility of an Eagle Scout is courage. Courage gives character force and strength. Trusting in God and with faith in his fellowman, the Eagle faces each day unafraid, and seeks his share of the world’s work. May the red of your Eagle badge always remind you of courage.

EAGLE SCOUT #4: The final responsibility of an Eagle Scout is service. He extends a helping hand to those who toil up the Scouting trail he has completed, just as others helped him in his achievement of the Eagle rank. The habit of the daily Good Turn must take on new meaning and blossom forth into a life of service. The Eagle protects and defends the weak and the helpless. He aids and comforts the oppressed and the unfortunate. He upholds the rights of others while defending his own. His code of honor is based upon the belief that leadership is founded upon real service.

EAGLE SCOUT #1: Mr. Chairman, if this candidate is willing and eager to accept the mantle of responsibility, as well as the honor of the badge, then I will be satisfied and request that you proceed to administer the Eagle pledge.

MC: (To Eagle candidate) Are you ready and willing to accept these responsibilities and to adopt the Eagle pledge which I have previously read to you?

Eagle Candidate: I am.

MC: The Eagle Scout candidate will now take the Eagle Scout pledge. As the candidate takes this pledge for the first time, will those Eagle Scouts who are present in the audience please stand and reaffirm their pledge? Would those in attendance also introduce yourself and when you received your rank of Eagle?
(All Eagles stand and introduce themselves)

MC: Thank you. And now, Attention. Scout Sign.
Eagle Scouts, please repeat after me in unison:

On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty to God.
On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty to my country
I reaffirm my allegiance to the three promises of the Scout Oath
I thoughtfully recognize and take upon myself
the obligations and responsibilities of the rank of Eagle Scout.
On my honor, I will do my best to make my training an example,
and make my rank and influence strongly count for better scouting
and for better citizenship, in my troop, in my community,
and in my contact with other people,
regardless of race, color, or creed.
To this, I pledge my sacred honor.

MC: The Eagle Scouts in the audience may now be seated. Mr. Scoutmaster, will you do the honor of awarding the rank of Eagle to ______?
Since the parents and siblings of this Scout have been so instrumental in his attaining the Eagle rank, I will ask that they come to the platform. (pause while they come forward)
Mr. _____ will you please assist?

(Presentation of Eagle Award)
SM: The symbol of your success is the Eagle badge which is now present to your mother. Your mother will, in turn, pin the badge over your heart.
(presentation of badge)

SM: In recognition of the wisdom and guidance given to you by your father will you present to him this Eagle pin, which he will be proud to wear in your honor.
(presentation of fathers pin)

SM: And now, also in recognition of the many hours of patient guidance given by her in your efforts, will you pin the Eagle mother’s pin on your mother.
(presentation of mother’s pin)

SM: (siblings of Eagle Candidate)___________, will you remove ______’s Troop Neckerchief and dress him in the Eagle Neckerchief.

SM: _____, will you present the Eagle Advisor Mentor pin?

Eagle Candidate: Mr. _______, thank you for your interest, dedication and patience in assisting me in earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

SM: Now, would the audience please rise. By virtue of the authority vested in me by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America, I hereby present to you our newest Eagle Scout. Let’s give him a round of applause. (Pause) At this time I would like to invite ______ to say a few words about his Scouting experience.

Eagle Candidate: (give Eagle response. Then invites each adult up that he wants to acknowledge, presents him/her with a gift and asks him/her to say a few words, stay standing next to him. Typically, his Eagle mentor, past scoutmasters, current scoutmaster, other influential adults. If doing the Scoutmaster, then save him/her for last.)

SM: says a few words after receiving acknowledgement from Eagle Candidate.

SM: _____, the process of earning one’s Eagle Scout award does not end with this ceremony. I have confidence that you will honor Scouting with your life and service as today Scouting has honored you. The Eagle soars high and seeks to rest only upon the lofty peaks. As an Eagle Scout, you, too, must soar high. You must not swerve from the path of duty. You must strive to obtain that which is the highest and noblest in life.

Eagle Candidate: Thank you, Mr. __________. I will do my best.

MC: By the authority vested in me as a representative of Troop ____, I declare that this court of honor is now complete. Mr. SPL, will you close this meeting?

SPL: Everyone please rise. Color guard advance. Color guard retire the colors.
(color guard exits while bugler plays taps)

SPL: This meeting is now adjourned.
There will be refreshments served in the back, please stay and enjoy, thank you.